Dusty the Weimaraner

Last week I completed my first proper dog portrait shoot.  I think photographing children for ten years has finally given me the patience required for a good pet portrait.  They are challenging, entertaining and, based on these results, I hope you agree they can be very rewarding!

Let me know what you think and if you know someone who may be interested in having their pet photographed please share!

Thanks to Dusty and her owner Carl for being up for a laugh..

Commercial shoot for hair stylist


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to help out the very talented Abi Hammond in photographing her latest creation for entry in to a national hair stylist competition.  Model Crystal and the girls worked hard to achieve a fantastically styled shoot and some great photos!  Fingers crossed that Abi makes it through to the next stage.

Abi is one of the team at Jaks who are obviously very supportive and encouraging of the team there.  If you fancy having Abi work with you too then why not give Jaks a call on 01983 524 677.

Special thanks to Crystal for modelling for us :)

Abi Hammond with her model Crystal

Abi Hammond with her model Crystal

Baby of the month


March is the first month I have entered images into the National Baby of the Month competition.  It's really easy to enter, simply come along to a photo shoot with you baby and during the viewing process you can select your favourite to be entered.

This month I have 5 awesome entries (out of approximately 300) to choose from so please select your favourite, like and share the image or this post if you like.  The winners are selected by number of likes (not comments or reactions), a panel of photographers and a panel of Mums!

5 Winners receive a £100 Mothercare voucher and could win £5000 in the Baby of the Year!

Please vote using the LIKE button only and don't forget to share!
Reactions do not count. 

Source: http://facebook.com/babyofthemonth

Brand New - Baby of the Month Competition


A fantastic chance to WIN!

I'm delighted to now offer clients the possibility of winning up to £5000 in this wonderful national portrait competition called Baby of the Month.  Any baby (under 12 months) who comes in for a shoot can enter and there are 5 monthly winners, each receiving £100 Mothercare vouchers.  There is also an annual prize of £5000 for the Baby of the Year!

With so many cute Island babies around this should be easy right! 

Competition Winner Announced

So I recently ran an great give away on Facebook and boy was it popular.  Can't wait to meet the luck winner and present them with their favourite image as a beautiful Art Panel.

Here's an art panel (image from Loxley Colour).  They are stunningly sleek and look amazing on the wall.  Available in sizes 18" to 55"!

Here's an art panel (image from Loxley Colour).  They are stunningly sleek and look amazing on the wall.  Available in sizes 18" to 55"!