CLAIm your free photography experience

WORTH £145 (use voucher code: ed18 below)


Your photography experience includes:

  • A professional & private photography session for you and your baby
  • A Personalised viewing appointment of your images
  • A unique photographic keepsake and soft toy elephant called 'Tembo'

Book your preferred time using the calendar below or simply call the studio on 01983 898605. Alternatively text "Emma's Diary" to 07896 810753 and we'll call you back.




Frequently asked questions

Q:  Why am I being contacted by you, how did you get my name and email address?
A:  Robert Longford Photography is proud to be the only Emma's Dairy approved photography studio on the Isle of Wight. On registering with Emma's Diary you agreed to be contacted by third parties that they thought might interest you.  If you no longer wish to be contact simply click the UNSUBSCRIBE link in the email.  If you are interested but now is not the right time then let's stay in touch.

Q:  Is it really free - what's the catch?
A:  There's no catch - it's a national promotion from Emma's Diary that I have agreed to be a part of.  I have a lot of experience in photographing babies and know that I can do a wonderful job for you.  You probably feel like it's too good an offer to be true and I'm sure many other Mums feel the same way but it's genuine and there are plenty of reviews from clients for you to read below.  Everyone has found it to be a really rewarding experience and many of them I have seen again and again. 

I'm confident that you will love the photographs and may want to buy additional images or continue with my Watch Me Grow programme.  There is no hard sell though and no obligation to buy anything at all.  You will receive a professional photo shoot, a viewing session and a unique photographic gift of your favoruite image.

Q: Why is there a booking fee?
A:  There is a small booking fee of £5 that will be refunded to you following your viewing.  As a small business I need to ensure that bookings are kept as I only have limited spaces.  A booking fee helps to do this.  Unfortunately if you miss your appointment then the booking fee may not be refunded. 

Q: What age baby can attend?
A: Any baby under 18 months can take part in this free shoot.  However, only babies under 12 months old can enter the baby of the Month competition.

Q: Why can I not find any times available?
A:  It's only me here in the studio and so I can only do a set number of free bookings each week.  Once they are taken up then you'll have to look into the future for a free date.  As you can imagine it's a very popular offer!

Q: Can other family members be involved too?
A: This shoot is really for baby only but we can definitely do some with Mum and Dad.  If you would like to discuss then please call me on 01983 898605.

Q: How long is the shoot?
A: Shoots last about 40 minutes but there is some extra time allowed for feeding and changing.

Q: Can you buy additional photographs?
A:  Most parents choose to yes.  I have a wide range of stunning products here at the studio to show you.  From prints, collages and wall art to mini folios there is something for everyone.  After your shoot I will explain some of the products and give you a full price-list to take away and peruse before your viewing.  Remember there is no obligation to buy anything at all and no hard sell, all participants will receive their favourite image free.

Q: Can I book more than one free shoot?
A:  It would be nice wouldn't it but unfortunately I have a business to run and hungry mouths to feed at home.  FREE shoots are limited to one per household per year and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Check out little Riley's Baby Shoot as an example of the images you can expect at around 3 months